Cartoon Joyful Butterfly Framed Art Print by Ellie

Cartoon Joyful Butterfly Framed Art Print

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This is the happiest butterfly I've ever seen in my life. Wow, she's just radiating joy. It makes me happy just to look at. I hope that when you look at this, it just makes you happy inside.


If you'd like to see the original sketch or do the fun online puzzle, feel free to pay Cartoon Joyful Butterfly a visit. I'm sure she'd like that very much. We have her over here at the MyWackadoodle Cartoon Adoption Agency.

Product Specs: This is an 8x10 in (204 mm x 254 mm) art print on high-quality heavy paper displayed in a nice white frame with glass. Here is a link to the exact frames I use for all of my cartoon art prints.

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